Friday, March 06, 2009

Holiday at Hogsmede

OMG we've started planning our holiday for 2010!! We have decided we are going to Florida. This swung it for us :O) It's the new Harry Potter theme park which is due to open in early 2010! There's going to be a Hogwarts Castle as well as Hogsmede, covered in snow :O)

We were ALL going to go back to Jamaica, but there just isn't going to be enough funds, so the last of the clubcard vouchers have to be spent before they expire. I promised Elena a couple of years ago that I would take her to see Mickey Mouse as she was too young to remember the trips we made to Disneyland Paris. We should have enough vouchers for the flights & hotel room for two weeks so all we'll need to save is the money for the car hire, park tickets, food & spending money. Chris very kindly said we could stay with her in Bradenton but Tesco clubcard only do package holidays so it would be daft not to take them up on their offer. I hope she won't be offended as we can still spend a few days soaking up the sun on Gulf of Mexico with her :O)

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Kerrie said...

Oh my god . I HAVE TO GO THERE! I hope Andrew has been saving his money for your birthday and mothers day.
See you Monday. Love you xxxxx
P.S What is fruit? is it like chocolate?