Monday, March 02, 2009

Walking On Sunshine

Not a great deal has happened today. Got a text from Lisa last night at something past midnight saying she'd got back safely. She'd left a little note on the bed saying thank you for a lovely weekend. How thoughtful is that. It's been strange today without her, I miss her so much. Good job I've still got Gemma & Elena :O)

Got home from work this afternoon & Gemma had done one lot of washing & drying & had started the ironing. She's just a little superstar & because the weather was so warm we decided to go for a walk. We walked across the cliff path towards Shanklin then back again to Sandown. The sea was such a beautiful colour and so calm with just the odd wave lapping up against the revetment wall. I've spent the evening searching the Internet for more information about Andrew's ancestors as 2 marriage certificates turned up today. That & watching Kevin Whately on WDYTYA, what a brilliant program to end the series!

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Kerrie said...

Hey you glad you missed me today. Ah yes I remember that sunshine! See you Thursday. xxxxx