Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Lisa :O)

Lisa is 20 today, I can't believe it. My little girl who used to love dressing up in clicky shoes and sparkly dresses has grown up into a gorgeous girl who still adores dressing up & sparkly dresses :O)

I've been at work all day so I only got to be with her for a few hours at tea time. Bless her heart though, she waited until I got home before opening all her cards & presents. They were mostly money which she was so happy about. She did get a few presents to open too, like the blender from Gemma and the cook book she made her with all Andrew's recipes in it (including all his trade secrets lol). A ladybird dressing up outfit, a ladybird earring holder & box of Mr Kiplings French Fancies from Elena. (They are Lisa's favourite cakes and not something she can afford on the money she has to live on.) Abby, Katie & Emily bought her a gorgeous pashmina plus these from Ann Summers lol which Liam demonstrated for us. Steve bought Lisa a Gavin & Stacey book & wrapped it up in tinfoil for her ROFL. Oh, Oh, OH - it has definitely been a Gavin & Stacey weekend PMSL!!!

Anyway, Andrew did us all proud and cooked an amazing roast chicken dinner for 12 ... Lisa, Liam, Elena, Gemma, Matt, Sam, Steve, Abby, Katie, Emily, me & Andrew ... with a mountain of profiter rolls for pudding :O) They've all gone back now. They had to catch the 9pm ferry so it's very quiet. Im missing them already. It won't be long till they're back though, we have 2 weekends on our own & then everyone is coming down for another birthday weekend. We're all going out to celebrate Gemma's, Sam's & my birthday, I can't wait :O)

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