Thursday, April 30, 2009

Antidote :O)

Right, I've decided enough's enough. I'm sick of having the holiday blues so I need an antidote. Kerrie suggested we join a wife swapping group to add a bit of spice to our lives lol but I have a better idea ~ book another holiday:O) I know we're going to Florida in October 2010 but that's flippin ages away so I was thinking about going somewhere for a week in the February half term.

* Any suggestions are very welcome :O)
* Anyone who wants to come with us, just let me know lol.

I've done a survey and this is what I have so far ...
Vanda ~ it has to be hot, well, warm enough to wear a bikini (and I don't put one of those on unless it's at least 25 degrees).
Elena ~ it has to have warm water to swim in.
Gemma ~ it can't be too expensive
Andrew ~ it has to have a reasonable standard of food (translation: it can't taste like anything they cook in Spain)

The list so far is ...
Cuba (has everything we want but may work out to be too expensive)
Gambia (only 6 hours away & no jet lag but not sure about sleeping under mosquito nets)
Egypt (everything we want but I don't like the hassle from the Egyptians)
Canaries (Everything we want but the sea is cold)
A Cruise (A bit out of my comfort zone & again may be too expensive)
Jamaica (Wouldn't dare go, as Lisa would kill us lol)

Again any ideas are welcome and don't forget to put your name down if you're coming, the dates are (Saturday 13th Feb - Sunday 21st Feb) :O)

Just wanted to mention 2 very special people who were brave enough to run the London Marathon this week & completed it in astonishing times ~ Jog on Abbie 4 hours 38 minutes & Skateboard Steve 5 hours 30. Well done both of you, can't wait to see your medals :O)

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Teresa said...

Hi Sweetpea!

Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Dan for his birthday card and pressie. It arrived this morning :)

LOL@ you wanting to book another holiday!

You and Kerrie can't join a wife swapping group cos you don't have wives! *tuts* derrrrr!

Can't think of anywhere for your holiday as all my preferred places are in the UK LOL

Abersoch in Wales is glorious and we are off there in our new caaravan at the next available oppertunity. Although wetsuits are a must as the sea is c-c-c-cold!

What about a Rosie and Jim holiday? (Norfolk Broads) We did speak about it once and i thought you liked that idea? You could kit Elena out with a drysuit and tow her behind??? You could put your bikini on and Gemma could keep you warm by fanning you with a hairdryer on the HOT button, It would be affordable and the food would be excellent as you would have your own kitchen and a master chef aka-Andrew!

Hope my suggestion helps ;OP

Love ya
Tree xxxxxx