Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holiday Blues

It's Kew Gardens 250th birthday this year & I've been watching Dan Cruickshank telling us about it's history. One paragraph hit a nerve and explains the way I'm feeling at the moment. He talks about the ill fated trip of Captain Bligh to Tahiti in 1788 & the mutiny on the Bounty. "Anyone who spends time in a tropical paradise will be familiar with a little voice saying, what if I never went back. For Bligh's men, 5 months in paradise convinced them they didn't want to return to the disiplined life of the Royal Navy. Leaving Tahiti for the open sea was to Blighs crew, like leaving paradise for hell." Well, if we're anything to go by 2 weeks in paradise has the same effect. Although I don't think my life is hell, there has to be more to it than eating, sleeping and working, doesn't there?

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Gemma said...

Hiya Mum,

hope your ok. Just found out htat simply Red are going headline at Osborne House this August. Here's the link.

See you later. Love you. xxx