Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Thursday 16th April

We've all agreed that wearing nothing on your feet for 2 weeks is heaven. The bungalow is the only place with a tiled floor. Everywhere else you go, the beach, walkways, jetty, restaurant, bar, coffee shop etc. are covered in sand. But as much as you wash your feet you still end up with sand in bed lol. It does come in useful for drawing pictures though :O)The staff are so friendly here and we've got to know quite a few. One man, a Sri Lankan, stops to talk to us a lot. We asked him what hours he worked and he explained that everyone works 7 days a week 9am till midnight. They have time off for meals so he didn't think it was a bad job at all. They get to go home once a year to see their families, once a year ~ and we moan.

I've learnt some new Maldivian words over the last couple of days. Thaney means bye, Lemoney (or that's what it sounds like) means finished & Varley Common Assam means I'm fine thank you.

After lunch we walked along the beach by the spa and found a baby ray & an eel swimming in the shallows. The water is so clear it looks like tap water.

Not much got done this afternoon apart from floating & swimming around the lagoon, lazing on the sun beds, reading & drinking copious amounts pineapple juice, orange juice, Fanta, Coke & Sprite. We were in the sea when the heron caught a cornet fish. It was so funny to watch. He seemed as pleased as punch to have caught it but then had no idea what to do with it. He strutted about the beach for ages afterwards with it just hanging out of his beak lol.

We fancied a change so headed up to the coffee shop for tea & biscuits. The biscuits are spicy & sweet & leave your lips tingling, they taste of ginger & are very moreish. In Jamaica everything sweet had an almond flavour, here everything tastes of ginger & I love it.

Afterwards we walked along the breezy side of the island helping Elena look for shells. We'd taken some bottles of Coke & Sprite with us and held them up to the wind so they made noises like ships horns lol. Who needs TV.

This is one of the resident birds on the island. It's a rare bird apparently, native to the Maldives.

We spotted this too.Then this little fella actually let me photograph him. They are all over the place and brilliant to watch but they love playing hard to get especially when you reach for your camera.

It was Asian night in the restaurant tonight. Most of the curry's & other dishes were Sri Lankan & they were delicious. We tried everything, even the Hoppers (small pancake style baskets made from rice flour & coconut milk). The puddings make Elena laugh, she says they look like 'Hook' food :O) The food here is the best we've ever had on a holiday.

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Teresa said...

I hope the Heron got a flake with his cornet! PMSL

I really love all your photographs. I feel like i've been on holiday with you but without having to have prickly heat LOL

The food looks fab and i could definately eat that dessert Mmmmm...

Love you lots

Tree xxxxxxxx