Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snorkelling Time

While we were away I hand wrote a blog in the book that Lisa bought me for mother's day with the pen she had engraved with my name :O) Thank you Lisa, it was really thoughtful xXx

Not only that, I took the fan with me that Gemma bought (also for Mother's day) & I can honestly say, at times, sat on the verandah in the evening, when the temperature was still as hot as it had been in the day, it was wafted a lot :O) Thank you Gem I loved it xXx

So welcome to ...... part 2

Tuesday 7th April

The sun is shinning this morning so it’s definitely snorkelling time. The sea is as warm as bath water, and soooo clear. It doesn’t matter how deep you go you can see everything. The fish are amazing, every shape, size & colour you can imagine.There’s a long shoal of small, silvery fish that swim up and down the shoreline. As you walk up to them to get in the water for a swim, they part in the middle, making you feel like Bruce Almighty parting his soup. Then afterwards they swim back into formation. Along the beach, every 10 feet or so, stand the herons like fishermen on a riverbank. They stand as still as possible, transfixed by the thought of a tasty lunch. There’s a shoal of much bigger black fish that patrol the shallows and every now & then they turn towards the beach & chase the small ones onto the sand. There’s a commotion of fins & feathers flapping furiously. Some fish are pounced upon by the herons & eaten. The rest are swept back into the sea on the next wave & then peace & quiet resumes. It’s just amazing, nature at its best. The last time I saw anything like it, David Attenborough was narrating.

Our bungalow consists of 2 rooms, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom has air con (thankfully) but the bathroom has a part of the roof missing so when you go to the toilet it’s like walking in to an oven lol but you are never cold when you have a shower. The geckos’s come in and sit on the wall waiting for food so it passes the time when you’re doing your ablutions rofl. Outside is a covered veranda with a footbath to wash the sand off your feet, chairs to sit on, a table and a couple of washing lines. The edge of the veranda is right on the beach and then there’s nothing for miles apart the Indian Ocean. It’s amazing :O)

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