Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Part Three

Wednesday 8th April

We had another thunderstorm last night. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so quiet here or if it’s where we are located but the thunder is the loudest I’ve ever heard. It sounds like bonfire night on Sandown beach when the fireworks go off. They boom & echo around the cliffs just like the thunder here but there are no cliffs? The lightning lights up the sky so much that for a split second, you can see everything. Then the torrential rain knocks the golf ball sized seeds off the sea grape trees and as they land on the roof you think you’ve hidden in a saucepan with someone throwing marbles at you rofl. It was great :O) To pass the time we sat on the porch and played Scattegories. Then we drew people in 4 stages, turning down the paper so we couldn’t see what had been drawn before & passed them between us. When we revealed the whole person at the end we had some very funny looking characters.This morning the beach and pathways were covered in leaves, twigs and seeds but within half a day the staff had swept everything up and we were back to walking on sand.We went for afternoon tea at the coffee shop (egg sandwiches & biscuits) & afterwards walked along the jetty looking at the fish and there it was, an Octopus! It was changing colour every few seconds as it inched its way across the rocks & coral.At the top of the jetty a small crowd had gathered so we went to investigate. They were watching the rays swimming about very elegantly.On the way back down the jetty, Elena spotted a Morey Eel. They have to be the ugliest creatures in the sea.

At dusk we walked to the aptly named Sunset Bar and we all sat on the beach with a drink & watched the sun set over the Indian Ocean. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do so that’s one more thing crossed off my bucket list :O)Elena’s having a shower now & Andrew & I are sat on the veranda. All we can hear is the sea lapping gently onto the sand, some parrots squawking, the faint whirring of the air con & ice cubes tinkling as they hit the sides of our glass. It’s paradise with a capital P.


Kerrie said...

Yes I did miss you loads and loads and loads! I am glad you had the best time. The photos are fantastic I especially love the Herons. I know I wouldn't have made it through day one without insanity kicking in.LOL

Kerrie said...

P.S You won't get rid of me that easilyxxx

Teresa said...

OMG! How fantastic it all looks.
I agree with Kerrie the photos are marvellous! I don't think a professional could have done better!
I especially loved the colour changing stages of the octopus.

Love ya
Tree xxxxxxx