Monday, April 27, 2009

We Don't Want To Go Home

Saturday 18th April

We've got into a routine now lol. Up at 7:30am, breakfast, sun cream, drinks from the bar & into the sea where we stay until lunchtime, occasionally forcing ourselves up the beach for a drink or to get some fish bread. Whilst we were floating around this morning, Elena & I decided we would try & rewrite the words to one of the BeeGees masterpieces, Islands in the Stream lol.

* Islands in the sea
* That is where we are
* Nothing in between
* How can we go home
* Sail away with me
* To this other world
* Where we can all swim together aha
* From one reef to another aha

That's as much as we've done, whether we'll finish it is a different matter, but it was fun while it lasted :O)

Andrew's been feeding his friends this morning, he's going to miss them. Two goldfish in a tank of English rain water doesn't seem to give him quite as much pleasure.

Before we came to Summer Island, I read as many reviews as I could on 'trip advisor' & lots of people were moaning about the food. I'm happy to say we loved it. Strange combinations at times & nothing we would put together at home but in the spirit of adventure we tried everything. I'll give you an example ... for lunch today we had tomato rice, parsley potatoes, fish salad, curried cabbage & chicken in brown sauce (not HP, more like a tasty gravy). It didn't look very appetising and it doesn't sound it either but it was delicious, even Elena thought so.

Andrew had a siesta this afternoon and Elena & I continued swimming in the lagoon. We gave up rewriting Islands in the Stream & turned our attention to seeing pictures in the clouds. We've seen a pig chasing a cat chasing a mouse, a map of the UK & a panda poking it's head out of an igloo to name but a few PMSL. This one's a griffin :O) Elena said again, who needs TV :O)

I think I may have a tan, what do you think? We haven't been laying in the sun at all and we've smothered every inch of our bodies in sun cream everyday so to be honest, it could be muck lol.

Tonight we walked around the island in the opposite direction and watched the sun set. We've all agreed we just don't want to go home.

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