Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last Day Today

Sunday 19th April

Before 10 o'clock this morning we had seen 4 new fish. Two flat ones moving along the sea bed, a greeny yellow sponge type creature, the size & shape of an aubergine with white tentacles coming out of the back. A sand coloured one about 8" long with a bright yellow tail, a green head & pink zig zags down it's back & then a huge unicorn fish that kept circling us. It had a long horn on the top of it's head which made it look as if it were carrying a pole. It wouldn't leave us alone and at one point I did consider climbing on Andrew's back and using his short pockets as foot holds lol.

Afterwards Andrew went snorkeling and Elena & I went on an adventure. We swam around the whole Island. In some places it was quite deep & in others we had to clamber over rocks (thank goodness for wet suit shoes). Half way round we got out to get some supplies from the bar (well it was thirsty work). We carried on until we were back at the bungalow & shouted Andrew to take a photo of the victorious explorers :O) Both sides of the island were calm today so the conditions were perfect. Of course we saw loads of fish including 3 that wouldn't have looked out of place hung from a Christmas tree. They were so shiny & such a beautiful deep blue/green colour. I would never have guessed, before this holiday, how interested we would be about the creatures that live beneath the waves.

It's our last day today, tomorrow we have to go home. The cosmos rep came around this evening to tell us that our flight had been delayed by 3 hours. It's made things very difficult with the boat times from Portsmouth. Oh well, a small price to pay for such a wonderful holiday.

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