Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brighton Your Day

Andrew's always wanted to visit Brighton Pavilion so, after buying a Network rail card & some cheap train/boat tickets, we went to Brighton. It's the first time Elena's been on a proper train. We've only got a toy town train (an old London Underground one) on the Island. We made our way down to the Pavilion by bus and had a picnic in the grounds. It was so lovely, the sun was shinning & there were loads of people just sitting around. We could see the roof line of the palace from where we sat & a busker was playing a Sitar. If we hadn't known better we would have thought we were in India. We loved the tour around the inside. It's very opulent & extremely extravagant.

Afterwards we walked down to the seafront and onto the pier. It was full of people having a great time so the atmosphere was brilliant. We had an ice cream and walked back up to the train station through narrow streets called the Laines. They were full of shops & cafes. We past a huge water fountain and lots of walls with graffiti art on them. We got back to Portsmouth in the early evening and the sun was still lovely & warm. Elena took a photo of the Spinnaker Tower which is where we're visiting next :O)

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