Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew

It's Andrew's birthday today and he's had a brilliant day. This morning he opened his cards & presents which consisted of a lot of money & garden gift vouchers which he loved. He also had a Scooby Doo T-Shirt, an iTunes gift card, the Home Alone trilogy on DVD & Defience on DVD. This afternoon we finished planting the garden & then went to Argos to buy a new Gazebo. We called at the garden centre on the way back and chose lots of new plants and a beautiful Acer tree for the back garden.

When we got back home Lisa & Liam were back from Uni so Liam helped us put the gazebo up. Lisa was in bed because she had had no sleep last night. Yesterday was the summer ball and she'd stayed up until 5am so she could be part of the "survivors" photo lol. Gemma took Elena to the beach this afternoon where Matt gave her her first sailing lesson. Matt said she was really good and picked it up really quickly. Elena can't wait to go again :O)

Tonight we all went out again to the Ponderosa for a meal.

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Kerrie said...

Happy belated birthday Andrew glad you all enjoyed the Ponderosa. I bet it's been red hot in that office.See you soon.