Thursday, May 07, 2009

Where Did You Get That Hat?

First of all, it has to be said, House if flippin brilliant at the moment :O) I love that he & Cuddy have finally got their act together.

Second of all, thank goodness Phillip's been fired in the Apprentice!

Best of all though, it's Liam's 21st birthday today Happy Birthday Liam, can't wait till you come home next weekend xXxXx

Elena & I have been to Newport this afternoon to get some bits for Emma's wedding on 16th. Gemma has kindly let Elena borrow one of her dresses, which looks gorgeous on her, but needed some extras like a black bra, shoes & a shrug. Luckily we managed to get everything from New Look including a couple of T-Shirts & some neon bracelets. She loves really bright neon colours and anything green or orange plus anything with Sponge Bob Square Pants on it ~ strange girl lol :O)

She also loves...

* Animal clothes (the make not the furry friends type)
* Rubber ducks
* The Nightmare Before Christmas
* Jesse McCartney
* Surfing stuff
* Metro Station (the band not the Gare de Lyon)
* Watching the Ghost Whisperer & Wizards of Waverley Place
* Board Shorts
* Pop Art
* Listening to Jimmy Clitheroe
* Her Mum {grin} & making me laugh :O)

I took this in Matalan this afternoon lol. She wanted to make Andrew laugh too :O)Trust me, when you've been doing this at work for a couple of hours, you need someone to make you laugh. The boss has asked us to shred 5 years of paper work with a shredder that was free with some stationary a few years back. It will only shred 3 booking forms at a time & every document seems to have at least 3 staples which have to be removed by hand first. Then, when you've been using the damn thing for 10 minutes, it cuts out because it's over heated. I'm sure he would soon change his mind if he were the one having to do it!

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Kerrie said...

love the photo of the shredding ( bloody stuff ). Also love Elenas neon bracelets. Useful if you lose your arm in the dark. xxx See you tomorrow . Love ya. P.S I think pear drops do count as one of your five a day.