Saturday, May 23, 2009

Which, Witch is Which?

We've been cleaning & tidying the house again today. It takes so long to do *tut* it's definitely the downside of having a big house and working all the time. I had to go to work this afternoon so left Andrew & Elena doing it.

Tonight we had Holly & Jake round from next door. Holly was in hospital yesterday having a hernia operation. Today she's up & about dressed as a witch lol. You just can't keep little kids down can you :O)

After tea we walked to Avril's to feed the cats & water the plants. Apart from that, not a lot else has been happening.

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Kerrie said...

O.K so I am not kid friendly but sometimes they have the right idea. Wouldn't you just love to get up and think what shall I wear today.... I know the witch costume. Genius.