Friday, May 22, 2009

Los Altos

I've been having a great time today without my bus. The weather's been glorious so decided to walk to work. I walked through Los Altos Park with my iPod plugged in listening to Gilbert O'Sullivan. It was so warm & the smell of freshly cut grass filled the air. I don't no why I don't walk more often? By the time I'd walked under the subway I had Lily Allen telling me 'It's Not Fair' lol. I don't like listening to my iPod in public because it takes every ounce of my willpower to not sing out loud.
I get my bus back tomorrow, the only problem is I'll be £300 poorer ~ ouch!

Kerri & I spent this afternoon checking in lots of holiday makers & discussing the Dead Sea. It sounds very studious of us discussing geographical features but we were discussing Kerrie's holiday next year. She's cruising up the Nile & then popping over to Jordan. One of the excursions she's booked is a swim in the very salty Dead Sea. Neither of us knew where it was situated so turned to good old Google. We followed the link on Wikipedia which explained that there was a lake in Antarctica that was actually saltier than the Dead Sea called .... Lake Vanda! I kid you not, have a look :O)

Gemma came home from her holiday today. She's shattered but OK.
Elena's finished school now for Whit week. When she goes back she'll be in year 10.
Lisa did her last exam this morning & when I spoke to her tonight she was happy with it.

Right I'm off now to watch John Hurt on Who Do You Think You Are. It's the only one we've missed. Hopefully Sky won't play up too much while we watch it.

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