Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Forlorn Lawn

Look, my lawn is all forlorn. The weed & feed has done it's job and killed all the moss turning it black. With the patches of grass that died when Holly the dog tiddled on it, it's not looking it's best at the moment is it. With the promise of a gorgeous lush green lawn though, just around the corner ...I'm going to get the rake and give it a thorough going over, just like it says on the box. Then if I can keep the birds off it for a few days I'll sow some grass seed. Sounds like a plan :O)

The beans are doing much better look they have grown so tall haven't they. We've even got our first sign of the deliciousness that's yet to come :O)

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Teresa said...

Good Morning! :O)

*Waits for Vanda to write her answers to the bloggers tag*

Your beans are looking much better than your lawn sweetie. Hope your lawn treatment makes it lovely and lush.

We have beans in our garden at a simular stage as yours. I love runner beans, they are my favourite veg :O)

Love ya lots and lots of polka dots!

Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx