Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Take That

Is it just me or is anyone else loving Take That? I watched them on Jonathan Ross on Friday night and I sat there thinking, when did they get so good? Now I didn't sit there thinking ooo I fancy Gary Barlow because non of them make me think that, I just love their music & sense of humour.

You see I wasn't that taken with them the first time round were you? Then the press slated them when they made a come back saying, they were just a bunch of over weight middle aged men trying to have another go, but come on, how wrong could they be. I was impressed with Gary Barlow raising 4 million pounds for comic relief when he and his team climbed Kilimanjaro. I was also impressed to learn that the other 3 members of Take That can ride uni cycles lol.

So I have to admit ... I'm Vanda & I love Take That!


Teresa said...

Hi Honey!

I'm loving your photos. They look really professional!

Have you got your bathroom suite installed yet? I hope you won't be leaving your toilet in the back room as using it will be embarrassing when you have visitors!! PMSL Tell Andrew he's doing a fabby dabby job of the bathroom but when he's done it, tell him i said he's gotta have some chill out time sat in the sunshine for a change!

I'm so proud of Elena and her sailing lessons. She looks like shes having a blast out there on the waves. Nik says he wishes he could join her, as he loves that sort of thing too :O)

I agree with you about Take That, I wasn't a big fan of them the first time round either but i think age has improved them and they all seem lovely lads and well grounded (not at all show offy like some bands).

17 days left today and i've about had enough now, i miss bending in the middle so much! Nik is doing a fab job of painting my toe nails when i ask him though ;O)

Anyway, i've gotta go for another wee LOL

Love you oodles and oodles

Teresa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kerrie said...

Oh my god I have only just read this post and when I first read it I thought you said you fancied Gary Barlow. What I relief when I re read it and found out this was not the case. The Hugh Lorry is about as much as I can cope with.