Friday, June 19, 2009

Lawn update

Three things you need to know about lawns that the experts don't tell you ...

First, the folks at 'Green Thumb' who produce lawn weed & feed lie. They tell you you'll have a lush green lawn in 4 days and it's so not true.

Secondly make sure your lawn is not completely full of weeds and moss (like ours is) otherwise when the weed bit of the weed & feed starts working you'll have no lawn left.

Thirdly, raking the damn thing is extremely hard work & not even a little tiny bit enjoyable.

BUT on the bright side I am determined to carry on regardless until I have a lawn worthy of a Gold Medal from the Chelsea Flower Show, which means, Holly, if you're reading this, sorry but you're banned from using it as a toilet from now on OK.Photo by Elena

Andrews got today off so he can concentrate on the bathroom. He's got these on so far and it's looking good :O)

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