Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boats, Bathrooms & Beetroot

What a fabby weekend we've all had. Yesterday was the 'Round the Island Yacht Race' and although Elena & Matt didn't enter the race they did see it from the catamaran.

Lisa & I walked along the sea front to see them & what a sight it was. Yachts & boats at least 3 deep from Culver right across the bay to St Catherine's point. This is what it looked like (courtesy of Google Images) from the Needles ...This is my attempt with my 'hardly any zoom' camera and no tripod.Not much difference is there lol.Whilst we were eating ice cream & marvelling at all the sailors Andrew was in the bathroom sorting out the plumbing & today he even managed to do some tiling & floor mending.It's looking very ... well ... erm ... white isn't it. No change there then lol. The aim is to have all the accessories etc in sea green colours. If we can't live in the Caribbean then this will have to be the next best thing :O)

So yes, as you've probably gathered, Andrew spent the whole of Father's Day working. He's such a superstar isn't he. The girls bought him cards & from Gem he got Inkheart on DVD, Lisa treated him to the Transformers DVD & some Thorntons toffee & Elena gave him 2 DVD's, Ghostbusters & Eragon. Just in case you were wondering, he loves DVDs :O) Good job cos I bought him Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis :O) We all went out to the Ponda Rosa for tea too, all 8 of us (Andrew, Me, Gem, Matt, Lisa, Liam, Elena & Sam).

I've been in the garden all day in between doing household chores. I've finished scarifying the lawn and sown some grass seed. Planted some courgettes, carrots & beetroot and cleaned all the garden solar lights. Elena's helped me by watering the grass and all the other plants including the beans, tomatoes & peppers. Ooo it's like living with Hugh Fernley Whittingstall. All we're missing is the chickens.

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Kerrie said...

Oh my god I thought for a minute you had taken that first yacht photo and was so jelous and then not so when I realized.
Hope you are having fun trying to evict a certain holiday maker who only has three wheels on her wagon.