Sunday, July 19, 2009

We've All Gone Potty

Friday night we went to see the new brilliant Harry Potter film and we LOVED it :O) Liam got in to the spirit of things and made us all laugh. Andrew's been working hard all weekend & got the radiator plumbed in as well as the toilet ~ yay! No more navigating the stairs in the middle of the night to relieve yourself lol. Lisa Christened it but chickened out having her photo taken *tuts*. Not done much in the garden this weekend apart from mow the lawn, because it's been so windy. It's been lovely & warm & sunny but really, really windy. The plants don't seem to mind though & the beans are growing wonderfully. Just a bit of news which I'm supposed to keep quiet about so I'm going to whisper it ... Elena's got a boyfriend, Tyler, he asked her out on Friday. It's her first one awwww.

Last but not least, it's nearly the end of the quarter for collecting clubcard points & OMG I've just been online looking how many we have ... £91 worth. I'm gobsmacked as I really didn't think we had that many. I can see another holiday being booked this time next year *grin*.


Kerrie said...

Harry Potter was great but the Colin slept through most of it as usual and then did a really big yawn in a quiet part.
Helena Bonham Carter is great. she is brilliantley wicked in it. I loved Snape as always.

Teresa said...

Hi Hunny :O)

Mr Postman delivered us a lovely present on Monday, thank you so very much it is gorgeous. Did you notice that its name is Emily? or was it just a coincidence?

Hope everyone is ok at yours, everyone is hunky dory here. Emily lost 50g in the first week but has been weighed today and is 9lb 6oz, so has caught it back up again. She is loving being on the boobies and is so good at it that it doesn't hurt at all! Can't believe my luck.

Lots of love to you all

Teresa xxx