Friday, July 17, 2009

Pans, Princes & Bundles of Pink

Q: How many pans of hot water does it take to fill a bath?A: 12 - plus 6 kettles full.

I bet you're wondering how I know :O) Well on Wednesday we had no electricity because the peeps at the Electricity board had to turn it off to do some major work. This wasn't so much of a problem as it wasn't cold this time & I could heat a pan of hot water to make a cup of tea on the gas cooker (although it did take me 20 mins to find a box of matches lol). Every job I had planned to do on my morning off meant using electricity, the hoovering, the ironing, the washing etc. I couldn't do any of them so I curled up on the settee with a book Gemma had given me to read, Dan Brown's Deadline. I have to say it's brill.

Unfortunately when Andrew got home, he discovered that when the electricity came back on, it had knocked out the computer system thingy on the boiler, so we didn't have any hot water. Try as he might he couldn't work out what was wrong with it. So consequently we had to fill the bath the old fashioned way.

Yesterday the man was called to find the fault and the dosy pillock came to the conclusion that the wires to the boiler had been wired in the wrong way round and it was a miracle it had been working all these years. When his boss found out what he'd said, he called him a few things of which Andrew said he couldn't repeat lol. It turns out the fan had been damaged by the surge of power and a new one has been ordered. So here I sit, typing this waiting for the bloke to turn up to fit it.

Andrew had big plans of what he wanted to achieve this week but unfortunately the boiler episode has put paid to them. I think he wanted to get the shower in before we went to London next week so it would all be settled in properly but hey ho, onward & upward.

Not seen much of Gemma this week because she's been working loads & when sh does come in she's shattered and goes to bed. She is coming with us tonight to watch the new Harry Potter film so we're excited about that.Lisa & Liam are coming too but Sam can't because he's on the mainland today. He's graduating from Uni this afternoon. Can't wait to see him in his cap & gown :O)

Liam managed to get a job yesterday working at the Co-op for the summer. Well done Liam.

Elena breaks up for the summer holidays today and is going with her friends into Sandown this afternoon. She's having trouble walking at the minute because, at the beginning of the week, she was up in her room straightening her hair and dropped her straighteners. Instead of letting them drop on the floor her immediate reaction was to catch them between her legs and OMG what a mess she's made. Andrew said most people shave their legs not straighten the hairs!The best news of all though was the arrival of Emily. You can see loads of photos on Teresa's blog here. I've pinched this one because I think it's fab :O) Just look at Max's face awwww.

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Kerrie said...

I am so jelous that you are at Harry Potter .Hope you have a great time.xx