Saturday, July 11, 2009

No More Showers

Yesterday, work was horrendous. We usually have 2 people working on a changeover day as it's so busy checking people in, sorting out complaints, answering the phone, taking bookings etc. etc. but although I'd asked one of the girls from the bar to help me, the big boss had other plans for her. So I worked 8 hours solid without even a break for something to eat. Anyway enough said about that cos I'm so pee'd off I'd rather talk about nice things.

Andrew has been demolishing the other half of the bathroom today so no more showers unless, as he's reminded me again, I want to stand outside in my birthday suit & he'll get the hosepipe out and hose me down lol.

The demolishing started off like this and carried on like this until it ended up with the water pipes dangling from the ceiling like this but Andrew being the superstar he is, cracked on until it looked like this So now we have a good half and a demolished half :O) Liam couldn't wait to christen the bath lol whilst Lisa worked her magic on Gemma's hair. Matt & Gem have gone to Portsmouth tonight for a night on the town :O)NEWS FLASH: Jake has just text Elena to say Teresa has gone into hospital to have her baby, I hope she's OK.

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Kerrie said...

Hi lovely, so sorry to hear that work was so pants.It is pants here never mind, we will catch up tomorrow.
Had a look at the rota,now I am depressed.There are just two dates in Septmeber I need to talk to you about, no crisis I will talk to you tomorrow.
The bathroom is looking good. I love, love, love, the tiles.