Thursday, July 30, 2009

RIP Monkey

Last night we found poor Monkey the hamster, curled up in his cage, dead. Tonight we've buried him in the garden. Elena doesn't want us to get her another one because, to be honest, we wouldn't be able to find one as gorgeous & loveable as Monkey. So little fella, RIP xXx

On a brighter note we've managed to accumulate £125 worth of clubcard points this quarter which is worth £500 in deals. At this rate we'll have enough for another holiday :O) The thought of holidays always makes me feel better so I'm dreaming of all the places I'd like to go. If I ask Andrew what he fancies, the answer is always the Caribbean lol. I'm not really bothered as long as it's warm enough to walk round in a bikini at 8 O'clock at night, has clean comfy beds, good food & warm water to swim in. I think he's earned another holiday with the work he's putting into the bathroom. It's looking brilliant with the forth wall nearly tiled and the shower plumbed in. Not sure how much he'll get done this weekend though as Sunday we're going to see Simply Red at Osborne House.

Found a little friend on the pepper plant tonight whilst watering the tubs :O)Yesterday I picked our first crop of runner beans which were delicious. They just melted in your mouth mmmmmm! Luckily there are more growing :O) Had 2 fantastic shopping sprees at Tesco this week. Wednesday I spent £37 and paid £2.61 and got 245 points back lol. This morning before work, I went again and spent £34. I paid £8 but got £7.50 back from work as some of the shopping was for the Holiday Park. This time I got 400 points back so I was a very happy bunny ~ happy days! Makes up for all the sh*t at work.

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