Saturday, August 01, 2009

I'm As Mad As Hell

Piggin Hell, so many things are driving me mad at the moment.

Top of the list is work, I need a new job, enough said.
Second on the list is having to listen to Michael Jackson every five minutes, where the hell did I put the ear plugs?
Worst of all though is the media frenzy over the latest disease, Swine Flu!!!

I didn't get Salmonella when I eat eggs , thanks Edwina!I didn't get Mad Cow Disease when I eat beef.I didn't get bird flu a few years back!I didn't get foot & mouth & I'm pretty bloody sure I won't get swine flu. Even if I do there's nothing I can do about it. The press need stringing up by the goolies for the way they are whipping up a media frenzy. It annoys me soooo much!!

I suppose looking on the bright side, my boss is making plenty of money out of it because I'm selling plenty of 'cancellation plans' "just in case we get swine flu". For heavens sake people chill out and don't get sucked in by the crap the media are aloud to publish! More people die everyday from Asbestos but I don't see that in any of the headlines.


Kerrie said...

RIP monkey. He was a great hamster.

Sorry you are so aaaaaahhhh. Lets take it out some holiday makers A3 perhaps. Nuff said. I think poor Jack would need more than viagra to move that bloody caravan.

Teresa said...

Hi Honey :O)

Sorry to hear about Monkey, he was a cute little fella.

You do sound like your not very happy, hope your feeling better today. Wish there was something i could do to cheer you up, but sadly i'm too far away to come round for a cuppa and a chat :O( I'll just have to send you some cyber love (((HUGS))) and hope it works. Don't let the buggers at work get you down, its not worth it.

Lots of love to you all

Teresa xxx