Saturday, July 04, 2009


I haven't blogged for a few days because I've been having a ball in Tesco's :O)

I've managed to get hold of an armful of coupons from various places, the newspapers, online coupon sites & signing up to various newsletters etc. and have managed, this week, to save a small fortune. Monday's shop was the best. The total came to £40 ish and I had to part with just over £3 in hard cash lol. Wednesday's shop wasn't quite as good as it cost me £14 for £46 worth of goods. Today I spent £60 & paid £16.50 lol so all in all a fab week. My cupboards are now full to bursting which made Liam laugh. He says he feels much safer now in the knowledge that if a nuclear bomb hits us we will have plenty of mouthwash & soap to last us ROFL. Even Claire sent me this ...Am I a Tescoholic??? Thank you Claire, the coupons were brill xXx

The beautiful flowers that Claire & Andrew's Mum sent have all but died this morning. I've saved half a dozen of them that were still OK in a vase on the kitchen windowsill but the rest have had to go to the recycle bin. The large vase that they came in has been washed and filled up with shells. It sits on the shelf in downstairs bathroom & I think it looks lovely. Andrew's been soldiering on in the bathroom and has been swearing a lot at the little tiles. They aren't as easy as we first thought because, even though they are attached to each other, it's very difficult to get them all flat to the wall. I don't suppose it helps having uneven walls. It's looking good though and will be fab when it's finished.


Kerrie said...

Oh my god there are coupons for twenty pence on that list. I think you need to get out more but I love you anyway.xx

Teresa said...

Definately a Tescoaholic but, i am so jealous!

The bathroom is looking fantastic, Well done Andrew!

Tell Kerrie, although its only 20p to her.... at Mr T's 'Every little helps!' ;O)

Love ya tonnes xxx
Tree xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx