Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Silver Wedding Anniversary

25 years ago today Andrew & I got married. I can't believe it's 25 years ago. I loved my wedding day, we had such a great time. The weather was beautiful and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Being married to Andrew just seemed like complete freedom to me. To get up when I wanted, eat what I wanted and when I wanted etc. it was sheer bliss. 25 years later, I love him even more than I did then, if that's possible :O)

So, this morning, we got up for work & Lisa had decorated the downstairs mirror with a big banner saying Congratulations. She'd put all the cards, present & Elena's balloon on the shelf, what a lovely thing to greet you in the morning, thank you Lisa. I went to work & Kerri had put a card & a cake in the drawer for me thanks Kerri I love it. Work was really busy & I'd had enough by the time I'd finished. When I got home Elena gave me a big hug which always makes me feel better. Mum & Dad had popped in to see us & had bought a card & a present for us, a Galileo Thermometer.Just before Andrew got home from work the door bell rang. A lady stood there with a flower arrangement for me. She said she tried to get the flowers as close to the photograph as she could. Puzzled, I said thank you, and carried them into the dining room. As I looked at them I realised they were the same flowers I'd had in my wedding bouquet, pale orange lillies, peach roses & gypsy grass (gypsophila). The little card said ... OMG I was so touched, he made me cry. Is there any end to this mans tallents lol. Andrew I love you more than you will ever know.

We had money from Andrew Mum & Teresa and the gang and Teresa had put this on her blog (click here). Thank you sweetie xXx We had a box of Heros from Elena with this poem Lisa had put 25 cadburys roses in a silver bag for each of us and Gem bought a box of Thorntons & a till spit from Tesco for 200 points on H&B :O) Thank you girls, I love you more than Santa xXx

Andrew had also bought me 2 beautiful glass & silver photo frames & some chocolates & I bought him a photo frame (great minds think alike) and this ... 1 week in Egypt next February at the Jungle Aqua Park Hotel in Hurguarda :O)


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