Wednesday, July 22, 2009

London Calling

We boarded one of the City Cruises from Westminster pier to Tower Bridge. It stayed fine & sunny all the way down the Thames so we saw lots of things from London Bridge to the London Eye. One of my favourite sights were the trees painted red with white spots and couldn’t wait to investigate them. When we got off the boat we had lunch at Subway. I’ve never eaten there before so was surprised at how good the food was. Reggae Reggae Chicken on Italian cheese & herb bread with salad is the best sandwich ever. After lunch we walked to the Tower Bridge Exhibition which meant climbing a hell of a lot of stairs to the walkways at the top of the bridge. It was worth the climb though, the view was amazing. Afterwards we walked down to the engine rooms to see how they raise the bridge when the larger boats want to travel up the Thames. Not sure who this lot are ??? Afterwards we walked along the banks of the Thames which we really enjoyed. Liam was a laugh a minute as usual lol. There was soooo much to see from the weird to the wonderful, I absolutely love being in London. We found the red & white trees near the National Portrait Gallery. They are part of the Living Art Project and anyone can write on them so Lisa left our mark. We managed a quick half hour in the Tate Modern so Elena to look at the Pop Art before we made our way back to Lisa’s. Elena loves pop art but my favourite was this coloured mirror reflecting the mirror on the opposite wall :O)It was quite late when we got back to Roehampton so ordered an Indian take away & watched the new ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ with Chris Moyles before collapsing in to bed.

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Kerrie said...

Oh I didn't scroll down far enough at first to see Liam in the fountain. Great photos, I think maybe he should reconsider the shorts!
Your not supposed to ake photos in The Tate you bad girl, slap your legs.