Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Desperate Office Manager

It seems ages since I blogged and to be honest I have no idea what to write. Work is enough to sap your energy at this time of year especially with the nutters that stay on the holiday park.

We've had one carted off in an ambulance today, another who asked if he could have a BBQ outside the caravan. When I asked him what type of BBQ he replied Chicken & Pork! He didn't give me chance to ask him if it was a disposable one or a proper one with legs but then I think I preferred his answer.

We've had umpteen ask if we have any accommodation bank holiday weekend and after replying with a 'no sorry, we're full', they say, what, nothing at all? I actually told one guy today (because I was so fed up) no nothing unless you want me to evict the customers who are staying in the van lol. I know I shouldn't but as usual they are driving me mad. I really have been in the job too long. It has it's funny side as well, like the customer who, try as they might, couldn't get their gas kettle to boil. After investigation by the maintenance staff they found someone had stuck a Pyrex side plate to the bottom of the kettle!!! I thought I'd seen & heard it all but apparently not lol. I think some are mentally ill.

I've got a complaint letter on my desk from a family who really shouldn't have entertained a caravan holiday but there you go. After bending over backwards to make them happy (showed them round 7 different caravans & in the end gave them a free upgrade) they are threatening us with the folk at trading standards & a solicitor to which I say, bring it on!

All this pales into insignificance when I get home when happy faces greet me & cups of tea are made. What more could you ask for when you get home to sit down with the people you love, eat wonderful food and watch some great TV. Elena & I are still hooked on Desperate Housewives (Series 1 & 2 boxed sets are winging their way to our front door as I type). I know I'm supposed to be saving hard for the balance of our holiday but my shopping bill this week was penny's so I didn't think it would matter too much.


Kerrie said...

Hi, I am missing you, desperate office manager. Love desperate office worker.xxx

Kerrie said...

Hi,my you have not blogged for a while. Have you got locked in Tescos?
Hope you had agood day back at work. See you soonXX

Kerrie said...

Stop Watching Desperate Housewives and get back here! You'll go blind.