Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Deer

I'm back :O)

I've had a marathon TV sit in, watching 5 seasons of Desperate Housewives. I'm now all caught up and can't wait for Season 6. According to the Internet it's due to be aired in the USA on 27 September & I can't wait.

In the meantime quite a bit's happened. Teresa, Nik, Max & Emily have been to see us. They stayed in their caravan at the holiday park and had a great week. The weather was gorgeous and they managed to pack in a lot of sight seeing. On the Saturday, Me Andrew, Lisa, Liam & Shane went to Rohampton to pick up Lisa's belongings. It was a busy day & we were cream crackered by the time we got home. Teresa very kindly had Elena for us and treated her to a day at Blackgang Chine. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. Thanks Tree xXx

The following day we emptied the Bus and put all Lisa's stuff in the conservatory. We used the wheel barrow to ferry the stuff back & forth. Andrew & I couldn't resist messing about lol.The day before Teresa & Nik went home, I walked with them down to the Sundial in Sandown where we had lunch. It was really lovely and Max was quite happy playing on the sand. He is such a sweetie. Emily was as good as gold too. We walked back up the main shopping street & called at the butchers for some Isle of Wight cheese. We stopped in the park for Max and all ended up playing on the see-saw lol.

Yesterday I took Lisa back to Uni with the help of Liam & Sam. The night before, the three of them had been to a friends fancy dress birthday party. Lisa went as a french person, Sam went as an educated English white boy & Liam went as an American black lad. Yes, they are real onions around Lisa's neck lol.

So yesterday, after dropping off Lisa's gear off at Aspen, I drove everyone, including Abby, Katie & Andy, into Kingston so we could have an 'all you can eat' Chinese. It was fab.

On the way there we drove through Richmond Park. You can't believe such a place exists in the middle of London. It was like driving through the New Forest but instead of ponies everywhere there were Deer. When we got back to Aspen I took this of the gang.
Sam, Katie, Abby, Lisa, Andy & Liam.

We said goodbye to Lisa (which is always hard) and drove home again, just in time to catch the 6pm ferry. I was more than cream crackered and still have a flippin headache today *tuts*. The boys kept me company on the way home though & Liam was a superstar navigating. We had a good laugh too.

Sam's Jokes ... Having arrested George Michael for driving under the influence of drugs, the police strip-searched the singer and found a chocolate bar in his anus. They believe it was a careless Wispa.

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Kerrie said...

Wey hey... Your back. I was beginning to think I might have to come over there and slap your bum..
The George Michael joke is pure genious xx