Friday, August 07, 2009

It's Bee(n) A Good Day

I've been at work again today so Elena has been baking. These are the cakes she made, aren't they fab :O) Work was brilliant (for once). Kerri had me in stitches most of the afternoon. We've come up with a cunning plan to get rid of 'pain in the arse' customers ... a trap door!

We're going to get the maintenance team to make a trap door in front of the reception desk in the closed season & then dig a pit underneath it. As we always have to 'make do & mend' at work we are going to line the pit with shower cubicle sides out of the old caravans that are discarded in the winter. There's usually a lot of silicone used on Park so we can seal them with that. We're hoping it will then be water tight enough to hold a tank of piranhas. Kerri did suggest James Bond style sharks, but I wasn't convinced they would be able to eat all the evidence.

So we've just got to come up with how to wire in a big red button that will activate the trap door now. We are also slightly worried about hitting the button by accident & losing a postman or leaflet man. But I'm sure there are plenty of those in the world aren't there? We're drawing up a list of folk that we need to get rid of, so be nice to us, OK!!! :O)

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Kerrie said...

Elena those cakes are just brilliant.
As for the trap door, I think the loss of the odd leaflet distributer is well worth the risk. As long as we don't loose the nice post boy.