Saturday, August 08, 2009

Work, Work & More Work

Quite an uneventful day at work today unless you count the lads in one of the new caravans leaving a tap running and flooding it, to the extent where it is now uninhabitable. Maybe they thought we needed an indoor pool as well as an outdoor one? Or the foreign lady that couldn't get her head round the fact that we closed at 8pm & couldn't understand why she couldn't arrive at 11pm. Or the man in reception who told Kerri she had nice tits!

I think I have come up with quite an appropriate acronym to use at work ... NFF (Normal For Fairway) lol, what do you think?

We have one in place already for letting each other know the type of customer we're dealing with ... PITA (pain in the arse). At this time of year that one gets used quite a lot lol.

Andrew's been working hard in the bathroom too. It's getting there now & it's all looking pretty snazzy. Hopefully he will manage to get it grouted this weekend.Elena's been sailing all day with Gemma & Matt & is at the Yacht Club's BBQ as we speak.

Lisa & Liam have been working too :O)Andrew & I went a walk down on the beach after tea, it was still warm as we walked along the sand. It was lovely as we had the whole beach to ourselves. We picked another helping of runner beans tonight too and noticed our first courgette growing, whit woo. Next year we're going to grow more vegetables :O)

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Kerrie said...

NFF love it! Nice corgette to.