Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head :O)

Guess what I had this morning :O)

I'll give you a clue, Andrew had one before me & Liam didn't realise he could have one until Elena reminded him ... yep, a shower. A 'stand up and let the warm clean water run down your hair & body' shower. A 'wake you up in the morning' shower, a 'refreshing' shower' & take it from me, it was flippin' lovely. Well worth the wait if you ask me. I thought our old shower was pretty good but this one is amazing. It's got a huge head (I like a big head *cough*) it's like no other shower I've been in (unless you count the rain in the Dominican Republic) and I love it. The glass cubicle doesn't detract from the amount of bathroom space either which is absolutely brilliant. I love our new bathroom & I love Andrew even more for working so hard to make it look gorgeous.

Last night before Andrew could switch the water on, he had to get Liam to stand up in the cubicle to measure the drop of the shower head. Liam drew the short straw because he's the tallest person in the family. (Andrew's stood on a stool silly).Not much has happened today apart from that. Elena's been busy though. Since she discovered the joys of fondant icing, the kitchen's been a hive of activity. This one she made for Lisa's friend Vicki's birthday. This one she made for Emily :O) Sorry Teresa I ate it but it did taste delicious.


Gemma said...

Ooh the shower looks loovely, will defo have to come & try it out.

Elena's cakes look fab too (did I use the right one?).

Love you.xxx

Vanda said...

Thanks, the shower's amazing :O)
Yes you did use the right one, 10 out of 10 xXx