Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Amazing What You Can Do When You Try

Thursday was Shanklin Regatta and although work stopped us going to the beach in the daytime, we did manage to walk down to Shanklin seafront in the evening to watch the fireworks. I think there's a bit of competition going on with their rivals at Sandown because I swear they were louder, brighter & lasted longer than theirs lol. Elena's been busy, busy, busy in the kitchen baking cakes. She's progressed from buns to full size Victoria sponge cakes. Her first 2 were a bit of a disaster until we realised she wasn't cooking them for long enough. She did manage to turn this into this though :O) Undeterred, she tried again and the result was an amazing cake, everyone loved so much it only lasted 2 days. Yesterday the postman rang the door bell at 7:25 am ... thanks Mr Postman! To cut a long story short I had won a Miracle Grow watering system, the funny thing is though, I don't remember entering any competitions lol. Today Lisa & I have been making a fancy dress costume for a party she's going to in London next weekend. The party theme is characters from TV so she's chosen Helga from Hey Arnold What do you think?It only took a couple of hours to make the dress & it's the first one we've ever made ROFL.

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Kerrie said...

Elena's cake was yummy. I am loving Lisa's mono brow and I am impressed with the dress making.