Monday, August 03, 2009

Simply Red At Osborne House

Went to see Simply Red last night at Osborne House & it was flippin brilliant. Everyone was dancing and singing, whistling & clapping, the atmosphere was amazing. We watched them at Beaulieu a few years ago and although the band were brilliant the audience were pants. Everyone had their green wellies on drinking Pimms. Talk about a pain in the arse. Me & Gem couldn't stop laughing last night when we saw the Pimms stand lol. Thank goodness nobody wears green wellies on the Isle of Wight ;O)

We had a picnic tea in the grounds before the show & then made our way to the stage along with 8,000 other people. We managed to get right at the front so we could see everything. First up was Luke White which were OK but I wouldn't rush out and by a CD Elena liked them. Elena had a look on their My Space page & they said "was the best fun on stage last night, definitely the best crowd we've ever played to ... thanks Isle of Wight :O) Second up was James Walsh the lead singer from Starsailor and he was brilliant. One of the last songs he did was Abba's Dancing Queen and got everyone singing along. Who would have thought we would have been singing Abba at Simply Red gig. He was on stage on his own with just his guitar & was amazing. He's well worth seeing.

Then, yay, Simply Red came on and that was it. Everyone was cheering and clapping and the more we sang along the better it was. The band seemed to love it too and just let us sing the words without them.

Anastasia came on half way through & sang Holding Back the Years with Mick. What a treat. Anastasia did a gig last night to only 3,000 people so with a crowd of 8,000, who said nobody would want to go and watch Mick? :O) In my opinion Simply Red were even better to listen to live. At the end of the show the whole audience cheered & shouted & whistled for more than 5 minutes until they came back on stage. Something they didn't do at Beaulieu. Please Mick can we do it all again tonight lol.


Teresa said...


I've got green wellies and like Pimms with lemonade,ginger beer and fresh mint leaves mixed in it!

*TUTS really loudly*

Glad you enjoyed yourselves and hope it helped get rid of your stress!

Love you to the moon and back

Teresa xxx

Kerrie said...

Glad you had a great time but I still think this was a plan to round up all the Simply Red lovers but the gas failed to go off.
( Sorry hun you know I love you and would have leant you a gas mask,)

Anonymous said...

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