Thursday, September 24, 2009

Christmas at the Fairway

Tesco Points:
Sept to Nov total today is 7400 ~ £74.00 x 4 = £296.00 holiday money
Jun to Aug total is 17100 ~ £171.00 x 4 = £684.00 holiday money

The washing machine man came out yesterday to fix the washing machine. It's been so noisy when it's on the spin cycle it's embarrassing. He took one look at it and said the casing's loose, so found a screw from his trusty tool box and fixed it. That's all it was! My washing machine is now so quiet, I can barely hear it ~ happy days :O)

We've got a new computer program at work and although it's not working how I want it to yet, it's brilliant & I love it. The boss's son has made it from scratch & so far so good. We had a few teething problems but it has the potential to make our life a lot LOT easier. To be honest, it really couldn't have got any harder. Not only that (drum roll please) we've been treated to a money counting machine that is man enough to count all the 2ps the arcade can throw at us. It's like Christmas at the holiday park :O)

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