Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Tesco Points:
Sept to Nov total today is 5700 ~ £57.00 x 4 = £228.00 holiday money
Jun to Aug total is 17100 ~ £171.00 x 4 = £684.00 holiday money

I've been looking on the Virgin site for holidays in 2011. I found a lovely one in Tobago with everything we wanted but (and it's a big but) the men have to dress up for dinner. I couldn't make Andrew wear trousers & a collared shirt on holiday, that's more like work.

So last night I was looking at Kenya. At Jacaranda Beach Resort you can have a room right on the beach over looking the Indian Ocean. Just one draw back, the flight. You have to fly from Heathrow to Nairobi Airport & from there, fly to Mombassa. On the way home you do the same but stop off in Amsterdam before ending up back at Heathrow. It may just be the date I've chosen I don't know? I'd still give it a go though & so would Andrew :O) I wonder how much a safari costs?

Lorna (Andrew's neice) has just gone to Africa and I can't wait till she comes back so I can pick her brains. She sounded really excited when I spoke to her at the weekend. I hope she has a great time.

Just got to add, I watched the first episode of House Season 6 yesterday with Liam, Gemma & Matt & it was fantastic!

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Kerrie said...

2011 !!!! Tesco may have shut down by then.