Friday, September 18, 2009

Season 6

OMG I'm so excited, just realised the new Season of House MD is aired in the USA on 21 Sept. I'll be glued to MegaVideo on Tuesday morning ~ can't wait :O)

If that isn't exciting enough the new Season of Desperate Housewives airs in America on 27 Sept so that's my Monday & Tuesday mornings taken care of.

More good news: Andrew may well have found some floor tiles for the bathroom. He's bought home a lovely mottled green one tonight and I think it's going to look OK. Just got to check it out in the daylight. When the floors down, we've got to sort out the mirror & window blind then bathroom will be finished :O)

Gemma's due home today from her week at Butlins. Not bad when you can go on holiday & get paid for it. Can't wait to catch up with all the news.

Haven't mentioned Tesco for a while. I've been trying hard to collect clubcard points without buying stuff I don't need and so far I think I have been doing OK. I've got 4800 points (£48) and have just done an online shop for another 750pts. I've got 700pts to get, by buying some Multi Vitamins & soap which we need. 200pts for some ink tomorrow & a possible 600pts for topping up our phones. I may even send in some empty ink cartridges in for recycling. I reckon with the few extras I have to do I'll end up with 8000pts (£80) so it means another £360 towards another holiday in 2011. That's just under £1000 in 6 months yipee.

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