Monday, October 05, 2009

Sharing a Bath

Cor blimey, the temperature's dropping quickly now in the evenings isn't it. Last night I was really cold. I'm trying my best not to give in & put the heating on but I'm not sure how long I can survive. After sitting through X-Factor I gave in and decided to have a bath, but a certain person, who shall be nameless, had beaten me to it. I offered him a cup of tea in exchange for the tap end and we shared a bath for the first time I think, in years. Now we've got a 'big' bath we can both fit in it lol. We were working out how many rooms Andrew has decorated this year. We've got 13 rooms if you count the hall, landing & stairs as 1. He's decorated 9 of them, 9 in 12 months wow!! He's already talking of what he's going to do to the house next year. Thinking back, I'm sure we didn't discuss DIY the last time we shared a bath!

Tesco Points:
Sept to Nov total today is 11100 ~ £111.00 x 4 = £444.00 holiday money
Jun to Aug total is 17100 ~ £171.00 x 4 = £684.00 holiday money
Total so far: £1128.00

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