Friday, November 06, 2009

Halloween Catch Up

Thought I'd better catch up with my blog as it's nearly 3 weeks since I wrote anything. Not much has been happening lately hence the lack of blog posts so hope I don't bore the pants off you :O)

Elena went on holiday for the half term week with Gemma & Matt to Claire's house. She had a fantastic time especially with Zoe her cousin. Gemma took them all to Matlock Bath to visit the Heights of Abraham. They loved it there. They also went into Buxton & Stockport shopping and had a ride out to Bakewell. The car Matt had bought the day before the holiday decided to play up so the last few days were spent at Claire's and the AA bought them back home. Photos by Elena.
Sam & Steve also went away for the half term. They drove up to Liverpool to see their friend Billy, then back to High Wycombe to see another friend, chink. They ended up at Liam's in Guildford & then onto Lisa's where they all went to a Halloween party.

Andrew & I ended up for the first time in a very long time, on our own for a whole week. We spent most of it at work but the evenings were lovely, sat together in the front room, playing Farmville on facebook lol. I did nothing I had planned to do. I wanted to catch up with season 2 of True Blood & 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives & didn't watch either. Sam's been on at me to watch Dexter for ages & even bought round the DVD's but I just sat playing Farmville. How sad is that :O) We did go out to the Ponderosa one night which was lovely.

Elena loves, no adores Halloween and was a bit upset that she couldn't dress the house up again this year because she would be travelling back from Claire's. She can't even do it next year because we'll be across the pond in Orlando. So, as a surprise, Andrew & I bought some decorations & decorated her bedroom for her. She went nuts when she saw them :O) Andrew even made her a cake in the shape of a coffin & laid a skeleton on top lol.

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Kerrie said...

Hi hun, looks like Elena had a great time. Great photos there to, as for Farmville I think my OCD has kicked in again.