Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kitchen Tiles

Andrew's been concentrating on the kitchen floor tiles this week and if I say so myself, I'm loving them. It's made the kitchen/utility look so much bigger. They haven't been grouted or cleaned yet but you can see that it's definitely "Andrew's" kitchen :O) Elena's been taking photos too. She's doing photography as part of her Art GCSE & she's loving it. My favourite one she's taken is this one. Tesco Points:
Sept to Nov total today is 12900 ~ £129.00 x 4 = £516.00 holiday money
Jun to Aug total is 17100 ~ £171.00 x 4 = £684.00 holiday money
Total so far: £1200.00


Kerrie said...

The kitchen is looking fabulous.
I love the chef at work.
Elena is doing well isn't she? What a great shot.

Gemma said...

Lovin' the kitchen...Elena's photo's looking fab too. love