Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Holidays are too short!

The last full day we had on holiday, we spent lazing around the pool and aqua park. They played a selection of music at the aqua park from Shakira's 'She Wolf' to Christmas songs like 'Feed the World' & 'Driving Home From Christmas' which made us laugh. Music is a very powerful medium & can always transport you back to the place where you heard it. I really didn't want our holiday song to be Shakira (I can't stand her) but luckily this helped. Every time I saw these shapes I couldn't help singing this :O) On the last day, we said goodbye to the friends we'd made and had our last lattes at the bar. What an amazing week. On the plane home we discussed future holidays and Elena wanted desperately to go back to Hurghada but Andrew & I want to go to Kenya. Who knows, watch this space :O)

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