Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Need Somewhere Hot & Sunny!

I was looking through the window at the wind & rain this morning and thought how lovely it would be to live in a country where the sun is always shinning. I hate the grey dark skies that make your surroundings devoid of colour. I hate the cold too. I swear it takes me much longer to acclimatise myself to the cold than it does to the heat. I need to emigrate to a place where the temperature doesn't drop below 28 & doesn't go above 32 degrees :O) Oh & it can't have hurricanes or earthquakes. Does a place exist? I suppose it must be on the equator somewhere. When I find it, I'm out of here :O)

I'm not the only one thinking like that today. Elena & Emma have just come through the door like 2 drowned rats. How can that be pleasurable? Now they have to strip off so I can get their clothes dry and don't even get me started on how soaked their shoes are :( They are so cold and miserable poor things. Never mind, I've still got my holiday to look forward to in October.

The big question in our house at the moment is where do we go in 2011? Elena's desperate to go back to Egypt and wants her friend Emma to come too. I want to go to Mombasa in Kenya and do a safari whilst Andrew is still mobile enough (he's not been able to walk properly since we got back from Egypt), and Andrew wants to go to St Lucia in the Caribbean. I've got £1300 worth of Tesco club card vouchers left so that will help :O) We've got Gemma & Lisa's birthday's coming up & our trip to London. After that it's going to be save, save, save!

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