Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Flo - Rida

I've found an antidote to the winter blues ... it's called sorting out the itinerary for a holiday to Florida in October. I've found this amazing website called The Dibb (Disney Information Bulletin Board), which has everything you need to know about Orlando plus a few things you didn't even think you needed to know. Things like ADR's (Advance Dinner Reservations) & ESTA! No not Esther ... ESTA ... the Electronic System For Travel Authorisation! Did you know it existed? No, neither did I. That's tomorrow nights job along with watching part one of King Tut Unwrapped on the Discovery Channel. Tonight I've trawled through the Internet (with the help of the people from the Dibb) and managed, after some deliberation (and copious amounts of tea), to book a rental car. A Pontiac G6 / Ford Fusion / Ford Mustang or similar. With a free upgrade, subject to availability

If I say this quick it won't seem that bad £306. It includes everything though, all the taxes, insurances, a full tank of fuel etc. and they have assured me there will only be the $12.50 airport tax to pay in order to pick it up. I've driven on the right hand side of the road in France before but I've never driven a car with the steering wheel on the left, so that will be an experience in itself :O)

The costs so far for flights with Virgin & the Quality Inn on International Drive, (room only) comes to £800 for the 4 of us as I paid £2265 with Tesco clubcard deals. I didn't think that was bad for 2 weeks holiday. We've just got to buy park tickets now and save up some spending money for food, drinks, fuel, tolls & souvenirs!

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