Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Be Warned!

Women are Angels - When someone breaks our wings we simply continue to fly around on broomsticks! We are flexible :O)

Don't you just love that lol. Been busy today, can't say what doing yet as it concerns someone who reads my blog ... hint. I'll blog about it later.

I will warn you now, if you don't want to know about Florida, you might be sick to death of me by the time October comes :O) The map of Orlando arrived this morning and I can't believe how detailed it is. It was recommended by several people on the DIBB and I have to say it is amazing. Not only does it have all the roads on it like you would expect (how straight are the roads in Orlando!) but it has all the theme parks, hotels, even the restaurants and fast food places. It even has the shopping malls and Wallmart! The person who's produced it has gone to some extraordinary lengths.

I'm going to blow my own trumpet now, I am a cracking map reader. Give me a good a map and tell me where you want to go & I'll get you there. It's all because of my Mum & Dad I'm sure, they always taught us stuff like that. I reglazed a window when I was 10!!

Andrew & I have made a list of the stuff we want to get done this year and one of those things is to make a Will. I've phoned round all the solicitors in the phone book today to see how much they charge and they have quoted anything from £120 to £195 plus VAT. Might have a scout round Martins Money Saving Expert later to see what they suggest.

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Kerrie said...

what have you been up to. I need to know these things.Does it require batteries? or vaseline?