Thursday, April 08, 2010

Don't Drop Your Laptop!

Oh dear, Andrew's had an accident. Don't worry he's fine but his poor laptop isn't. Lesson of the day ... don't drop your laptop! Andrew being Andrew, rigged up the computer screen so he could still surf the net :O) What a beautiful day today. We actually saw that yellow thing in the sky! I love the warmth of sunshine, it makes me feel so much better. Elena had a play with my camera and took this one.This afternoon we tootled off to Newport to buy her some new trainers. When we went to London a few weeks ago she found that her trainers leaked due to a gaping hole in the sole. We managed to tide her over with a pair of pumps, until today when she found a new pair. Walking through Newport we saw these ducks on the river Medina which started up a conversation about crispy duck! How can anyone look at these and think of Hoisin sauce? On the way home we called into Sandown Tourist Information so Elena could buy her ticket to the Isle of Wight Bestival. Rolf Harris will be there! Mind you Elena's more into Calvin Harris. Something else to make me feel old lol.

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