Sunday, April 11, 2010


A few years ago, when Lisa sang at Quarr Abbey, we promised ourselves we would go back to walk around it, so, this morning we did. We parked up in the grounds and walked towards the monastic ruins. It was really peaceful, all you could hear, were the birds singing their hearts out. It was sunny but the wind still had a chill to it. Spring has definitely sprung. It reminded me of my childhood when we would go up the fields and play with our friends. It had that same warm 'green' smell, the only thing that was missing was the sound of a babbling brook. Just past the ruins, in the middle of nowhere where some gorgeous houses. I never thought I would find a place I would love to live more than where we are now, but I have. It was just idyllic, not sure Andrew agrees with me though. This was the most interesting one. The pathway led down to a shingle beach which, after walking down some treacherous steps, opened up with Fishbourne at one end & Ryde at the other. We could just make out Ryde pier. We walked along the shingles as far as we could towards Ryde but the barbed wire stopped us. The slipper clay under the stones was pretty horrible to walk on but it did have some lovely colours in it. And the shells were pretty too.I tried out my new polarising filter which made a big difference. I didn't realise how much light reflected off the water until I put the filter on. Without the filter. With the filter.The difference is much more noticeable when you view them in Picasa. Then these were just some quirky things we saw :O) Andrew said, look how much mistletoe there is in those trees! I thought they were birds nests lol. This sheep who was just laid down in the corner of the field with her eyes closed chewing grass. It's a hard life for some! Then this sign on the gate posts of quite a posh house, but the gates were open. Do the hounds know not to go out of the driveway? Are we talking hound of the Baskerville hounds or greyhounds? An Irish Wolfhound or a Dachshund? lol.

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