Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cold milk, what's that?

By popular demand, here's an update on the fridge.

Samsung (the makers of said appliance) said they were waiting for the engineers report before they could do anything about my broken fridge.

The engineer assured us he emailed the report to Samsung on Thursday 3rd June & he spoke to the area manager on Friday 4th June.

John Lewis (who sold us the {insert swear word of your choice here} fridge) said they would chase Samsung and phone us back.

To cut a very long story short, on Monday 14th June I phoned John Lewis & went mad. Told them I was just getting fobbed off by all concerned and short of shouting, swearing & crying, told them to do something. I think my words were ... ALL I WANT IS A FRIDGE THAT WORKS, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!!!

Andrew got involved & cursed Samsung. The man at the other end of the phone told him that they were still waiting for the engineers report & after Andrew had finished with him, he miraculously found the report. Funny that hey!

The upshot of it is, Samsung have told me I will get a brand new fridge freezer (same as I have already) delivered to us in ... wait for it ... 14 - 28 days time!

Another guy at Samsung told Andrew he will get a new fridge with different handles & 2" taller (because the one we have at the moment has been discontinued) delivered in 10 - 14 days!

Confused? Yep so are we. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow without a fridge & of course the weather decides to be hot & sunny.

Looking on the bright side, it is hot & sunny & just think of the fun we can have with John Lewis & Samsung if they deliver 2 fridges ;O)

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