Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Damsel In Distress

The new roof slates & timbers came this morning for the conservatory so all I had to wait in for was the water heater for the pool (ordered Friday evening ... shame Samsung can't deliver my fridge with the same amount of urgency!). Luckily it came at lunch time so, after I signed for it, I grabbed a drink & my camera and went back to the squirrel hide near Adgestone. There were a few birds about today but no squirrels so I decided to walk along the woodland path where Andrew & I had walked last weekend. Instead of turning around at the stile I carried on through the field and over the next stile. I had no idea where it led but was aware that, although I felt safe, the police tell women not to walk alone on remote country trails. So I hunted around for a big stick lol and, believe it or not, found nothing, so I picked up a stone and carried it with me. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I felt a bit safer. The path led to Alverstone so once I got on the road I knew where I was. I am very tempted sometimes to carry an OS map with me but I refuse to turn into a middle aged rambler dressed in hiking boots & a green floppy hat carrying an OS map safely tucked in a see through pocket draped around my neck. I like walking, but not that much lol. The highlight of my walk (apart from talking to Andrew on my phone) was this little fella. It's a Damsel Fly & there were loads of them flying around the reeds. Isn't he amazing :O)

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