Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wheel Go And Clean My Glasses

Yesterday Andrew & I celebrated another wedding anniversary, can you believe it :O) We both spent the day at work and as I parked the bus outside the house Andrew pulled up behind me.

Andrew, "Did you like your present?"
Me,"Present, what present?"
Andrew grinning by this time, "Your present."
Me, cringing, "Please Andrew, don't do this cos I have no idea what your talking about."
Andrew now creased up laughing, "Have you not seen them? You need to clean your glasses."

This is what he was talking about.
One night, weeks ago, some lovely person decided to pinch a load of hubcaps from our neighbours cars including the 2 front ones from my Serena. Andrew bought me some new ones and put them on for me. I had driven to work, gone & put some diesel in at the garage and then driven home & never seen them. Not very observant am I lol.

We had a lovely evening, but didn't really celebrate, even though Andrew's Mum sent us some money to put towards a meal. My Mum & Dad gave us flowers, my favourite gypsy grass & Lillie's. We had lots of cards from everyone too which was lovely.

Emma came round after school and played in the pool with Elena.

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