Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nuts About Squirrels

Andrew's birthday came & went ... uneventfully. His birthday was on Bank Holiday Monday & when everyone is on holiday, I have to work. So, we didn't really do anything to celebrate so I've decided, next year we are going to Chelsea Flower Show. It's somewhere he's always wanted to go and it usually takes place around his birthday.

I say the Bank Holiday weekend was uneventful, it wasn't really. My lovely huge American style fridge decided to stop working. Of course it had to be 5pm on the Friday of Bank Holiday weekend. I'm waiting for the bloke to come out tomorrow to hopefully fix it. Samsung told us there is a design fault with the fans on those fridges! Good job it was still under it's warranty. It's a real pain not having a fridge though. We've reverted to 2 cool bags sat on the side in the kitchen & a bucket of cold water for the milk.

I have to work Saturday & Sunday this week so I had today off in lieu. Elena & I decided, with the help of Colin's map, to find the Squirrel Hide. The map was suprisingly helpful (thank you Mr Colin) and we found it with no trouble at all. The squirrels were brilliant and sooo cute! We walked a different way back, Elena was telling me they run down the track in Cross Country from school.

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Kerrie said...

You found it! Your squirrel shots are much better than mine. Mine looked like a glove puppet when I took them. They are so cute aren't they.
Did you turn left by the wooley cows?